Advanced explorations allows the detection of any defects (cornea, lens, retina, optic nerve etc.) and disorders (glaucoma, cataract, retinopathy, corneal disorders) that may affect the patient, and helps the surgeon by providing measurements essential to some surgical operations..

  • Optical Coherence Tomography OCT

    Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

    OCT, which stands for Optical Coherence Tomography, is an optical precision instrument that generates high definition cross-section images of retina. The examination is painless and lasts ten minutes. Equipment: NIDEK
  • Fond d'Oeil HD Optos California

    Optos California

    Nouvelle technologie d’exploration de la périphérie du fond d’oeil en HD (remplace le V3M), sans dilatation (n’entraine aucune gêne et permet une conduite normale immédiatement après). Il permet entre autre un dépistage plus facile des risques de décollement de rétine. Premier appareil installé en Corse !. Equipment: Optos
  • Confocal Scanner Eidon

    Confocal Scanner Eidon

    New technology to explore the fundus in HD, very comfortable for the patient because without dilation and automatic. Allows for even earlier screening, because HD images are more precise and more efficient because possible during cataract. First device installed in Corsica!

    Discover results Equipment: Eidon (Ajaccio)
  • Axial Eye Length Biometry


    Biometry measures the size of various transparent ocular structures and particularly the axial length, from which the power of the implants can be calculated (cataract surgery or intraocular refractive surgery). It can be performed using 2 different equipments: contactless infrared (IOLMaster), or with contact by ultrasound (A-scan ultrasound biometry) for very advanced cataracts.. Equipment: IOLMaster ZEISS 550 + Ultrasonique NIDEK
  • Corneal topography OPD-Scan NIDEK

    Corneal topography (OPD-Scan)

    Corneal topography (OPD-Scan) performs an analysis of the corneal surface before a surgery and detects any corneal malformations. It is also useful when adjusting more complex lenses (for Keratoconus). Equipment: NIDEK
  • Glaucoma Detection GDx

    Glaucoma Detection (GDx)

    GDx, which stands for Glaucoma Detection measures the density of the optic fibers (glaucoma detection/monitoring). Equipment: ZEISS
  • Endothelial Cell Count CCE

    Endothelial Cell Count (CCE)

    Endothelial Cell Count performs an internal analysis of the cornea (cataract surgery, implants monitoring, monitoring of common disorders). Equipment: TOPCON
  • Visual Field Test

    Visual Field Test(CV)

    Visual Field Test performs an analysis of the visual field (Glaucoma monitoring, post stroke or head injury monitoring, optical neuropathies, migraines ...). Equipment: ZEISS Humphrey
  • Non-mydriatic retinography

    Non-mydriatic retinography

    Non-mydriatic retinography is a photographic fundoscopic examination (photographic examination of the retina and the papilla of the optic nerve). Equipment: NIDEK (Ajaccio) + TOPCON (Propriano)
  • Color Vision Test

    Color Vision Test

    Exploration of the chromatic sense with the ISHIHARA and FARNSWORTH tests in order to detect color vision deficiency (color blindness).
  • Corneal thickness pachymetry


    Pachymetry measures the thickness of cornea (corneal disorders, glaucoma monitoring/detection, refractive surgery).
  • Plus optix Refraction test for babies

    Refraction test for babies (Plus optix)

    Pediatric autorefractor allows a remote assessment of babies' eye deficiencies without dilatation.
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