• The ophthalmological consultation

    Ophthalmology center in Ajaccio has an extensive and constantly updated technical platform that caters to ordinary ophthalmological consultations and the most advanced functional ophthalmological explorations alike.

    • Refraction test
    • fundoscopic examination
    • Eye pressure test
    • Biomicroscopic examination of the anterior segment
    • Binocular vision assessment
    • Prescription of corrective lens
    • Contact lens adjustment
  • Advanced functional explorations

    Advanced functional explorations are in-depth examinations of the eye and the vision.

    • OCT Optical Coherence Tomography
    • Corneal pachymetry
    • OPD-Scan Corneal topography
    • ECC Endothelial Cell Count
    • Color Vision Test
    • Non-mydriatic retinography
    • Biometry
    • GDx Glaucoma Detection
    • VF Visual Field test
    • Plus optix Refraction test for babies
  • Laser treatments

    Centre EYETECH performs laser treatments under topical anesthetics (instillation of anesthetic drops).

    Multispot ARGON laser

    • Diabetic retinopathies (photocoagulation treatment)
    • Degenerative retinal lesions

    YAG Laser

    • Secondary cataract or PCO (treatment by photodisruption)
    • Iridotomy

    SLT Laser

    • Chronic open-angle glaucoma treatment

    EXCIMER Laser

    • Correction of ametropia (Nearsightedness, Astigmatism, Hyperopia, Presbyopia)
  • Intravitreal Injections (IVT)

    Treatment of macular disorders and posterior segment disorder.

    Intraocular injections of (Anti-VEGF or anti-inflammatory) treatments, under topical anesthetics, performed in a dedicated clean room. Such treatments are prescribed for some ARMD and retinal disorders.

  • Surgery

    Outpatient surgery is carried out as ambulatory care at the Center, whereas cataract and glaucoma surgeries are performed at CLINISUD, under topical surgery - without injection.

    Outpatient surgery

    • Chalazion
    • Tear ducts
    • Benign eyelids tumors
    • Pterygium

    Cataract and glaucoma surgery

    • Cataract surgery with implant (regular lens, toric lens, multifocal lens, toric multifocal lens)
    • Glaucoma surgery (Trabeculectomy or deep sclerectomy)
    • Combined cataract-glaucoma surgery (under general anesthetic)
Ophthalmology center in Ajaccio
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