Dr. Marc FRANCHINI, Ophthalmologist in Ajaccio, prides in providing the best care to his patients.

  • Ophthalmological practice in Ajaccio
    He selected the members of the staff with extreme meticulousness, for their expertise, dynamism and availability; and he chose his correspondent in the Continent under the same strict criteria of reliability.
  • Continuing training for Ophthalmologist
    He regularly trains in the latest techniques and therapies… and tests their effectiveness before performing them on the patients. He never engages in mercantilist and interventionist behavior.
  • Last-generation ophthalmologist's instruments
    Dr. FRANCHINI is constantly upgrading his equipments and purchases last-generation instruments and devices in order to offer the best technical platform and to ensure the best diagnostics and treatments.
  • Ophthalmologist in Ajaccio - Fees
    Because Dr. FRANCHINI practices in sector II, all the fees are clearly indicated, accurate quotations will be provided for surgeries and some tests. Easy payment plans are granted upon request..
  • Personalized relationship
    Dr. FRANCHINI is more than a “technician” he strongly emphasizes the human side of relationships, and takes the time to listen, explain, reassure..
  • A welcoming and friendly ophthalmological practice
    He welcomes the patients in a friendly setting, in a warm and attractive decor so that they always feel “at home” and wait, comfortably seating, stress-free, sitting in a chair and sipping coffee. (While always keeping a high hygiene standard: the entire center is sterilized each week with the MOBIWASCH process).
  • Expertise and availability at the service of our patients

    Everything works toward ensuring the best care for our patients

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